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The Dream Double Movie Feature

     Number two and three on my 'all time favorite official' favorite movie's list are 'In the Company of Men' and 'Amelie', respectively.

     In my opinion, watching these two movies consecutively would be the 'be all end all' of double movie features. Aside from the fact that they are brilliant movies filled with creativity, great stories, and accomplished acting, the allure of these two films goes much deeper.

     Although 'Amelie' was nominated for five Academy Awards in 2001 and 'In the Company of Men' took home the 1997 Sundance Filmmakers Trophy, both films are relatively unknown to the average movie watcher due to limited releases, publicity, and perhaps a void of commercial appeal. And, it's this lack of exposure that makes them an attractive double feature tandem. Granted, a Star Wars movie marathon would be a lot of fun, but it wouldn't be fresh. These two movies are original and the type of cinema that spark emotional reactions, thought, and debate. They can be viewed again and again to reveal new insights and details to its audience.

     In addition, these movies are diametrically opposed in their underlying themes. 'In the Company of Men' is the story of two men who hatch a scheme to intentionally inflict emotional damage onto a deaf girl while 'Amelie' is the story of a young woman who dedicates her life to doing good deeds for other people. Each movie moves us, but in completely different ways, but neither strategy is more or less important or effective. This Yin and Yang effect further adds to their compatibility. Watching 'In the Company of Men' will probably make some people feel uneasy and will be outright disturbing to others. It's the direct opposite of a feel good movie. This truth makes watching 'Amelie' all the more enjoyable as we are eager to feel good about ourselves and our ideas about other people.

     So, if you're ever in the mood for a double feature, treat yourself to two of the best movies you may have never heard of.

Jason Shoulders - 12/05/2002